Robert Schumann biography briefly

Robert Schumann A brief biography of the German composer is set out in this article.

Biography and creativity Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann was born on June 8, 1810 in the small town of Zwickau, in a completely non-musical family. His parents were publishing books. They wanted the child to be addicted to this business, but being at the age of seven, Robert showed a passion for music.

He enters the University of Leipzig in 1828 at the Faculty of Law. While in Leipzig, Robert meets Vic, the best piano teacher, and begins to take lessons from him. A year later, realizing that a lawyer is far from the profession he wants to master, Schumann moves to the University of Heidelberg. He returns to Leipzig in 1830 and continues to take piano lessons from Vick. In 1831, his right arm was injured and the career of the great pianist came to an end. But Schumann did not think about giving up music - he began to write musical works and mastered the profession of music critic.

Robert Schumann founded the New Music Magazine in Leipzig, and until 1844 was its editor, principal author and publisher. He paid special attention to writing musical compositions for piano. The most significant cycles are - Butterflies, Variations, Carnival, Dances of the Davidsbyublers, Fantastic plays. In 1838, he wrote several real masterpieces - Novels, Children's Scenes and Kreislerian.

When the time came for marriage, then in 1840 Robert would marry Clara Wieck, the daughter of his music teacher. She was known as a talented pianist. During his marriage, he also wrote a number of symphonic works - Paradise and Peri, Requiem and Mass, Requiem for Mignon, scenes from the work “Faust”.

Robert Schumann's happy family and creative life was overshadowed by a slowly developing mental illness. This led to the composer spending the last 2 years of his life in the hospital. Robert Schuman died in the city of Endenipe on July 29, 1856.

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