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Ray Bradbury “The Wind” You can recall the summary of the story in 2 minutes.

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Allin once nearly died in the Himalayas, since then he is sure that he is pursued by a killer wind in order to take away his soul and life, which he could not take away in the mountains. Nobody believes him, and only the friend Herb Thomps always supports him.

Allin calls a friend, Herb Thompsom, and says that the wind is again trying to kill him. The emblem refuses to come to his friend, since guests should come to them, invites him to his place. Allin calls again and reports that the wind is very close, wants to get into the house, gradually destroys room by room. The guests arrived. The emblem does not answer calls, and when it picks up the phone, it finds out that there is only one room and a cellar left. In the handset of voice. Allin says these are the voices of those killed by the wind.

The coat of arms decides to go to a friend, because I can’t get through: the connection is interrupted. Thompson realized that a friend was dead when the wind flew to his house and laughed with Allin's laugh and screamed in the voices of other people killed by the elements.

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