The story of bread

The story about bread for children will help you write a mini-essay about bread and learn about its value in our lives.

A short story about bread for children

Since ancient times, bread for people has been holiness. Before getting to the table, thousands of people work on it. First, early in the morning, the combine harvesters mow the still irrigated spikelets, then the bakers toilers with their golden hands form each loaf, and finally, through the shops, bread gets into every house.

Bread is called differently: loaf, kalach, bar, bagel. But the essence is one. Have bread on the table for wealth and well-being. It’s not for nothing that people say: “Bread is the head of everything.” So we are taught from childhood. And indeed, it is priceless. After all, neither work, nor holidays can do without it. He accompanies us throughout life. Therefore, bread has been protected for all ages. And even in prayer to the Almighty, we recall with the words: “Give us our daily bread today ...”. This means that he is not only the most important thing in human life, but also is life itself.

There were all kinds of times in our country. And the story remembers how difficult it was without bread. How entire territories were devastated, how they were imprisoned for spikelets, and how whole families were dying of hunger. Therefore, today children are taught to respect bread and treat it with care.

Therefore, let's not forget the important values ​​of our lives. May the bread be eternal and always fresh on the table of every master. For, as you know, bread stale - human souls stale.

A bread story for a first grader

For the first time, the Egyptians began to bake bread. They baked it in the form of cakes on stones hot from the sun. In Egypt, they ate unleavened bread, i.e. not salty. But in hot climates the dough quickly soured, and it was thrown away. As in every country, both poor and rich people lived in Egypt. And poor people picked up the sour dough and baked bread from it. So a new kind of bread was born - sour bread.

Then the bread appeared in Europe, where it was wheat and barley.

From the 7th century in Europe, rye was used in bread making.

From ancient times, bread was baked in Russia from sour - fermented dough. Yeast, in which flour, eggs, salt was added, was leaven. The resulting mixture was allowed to infuse. Bread in Russia has always been called father-bread. This name is connected with the real life of the peasant farmer, for whom bread was the main means of subsistence, gave him strength and energy.

Russian peasants called the word “bread” cereals, such as rye, barley, wheat , as well as a product made from rye or wheat flour, round, without filling. The weight of such bread was from 1 to 3 kg. The best was considered bread baked from well-sifted flour.

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