Paul Gauguin short biography

Paul Gauguin brief biography of the French artist, graphic artist and engraver outlined in this article.

Paul Gauguin short biography

The talented artist was born on June 7, 1848 in the family of a political journalist in Paris. The Paul family moved to live in Peru in 1849. There they planned to stay forever. But after the death of Father Gauguin, they moved to Peru with their mother. Here the boy lived until the age of 7. Then his mother took him to France. Gauguin learned French and showed aptitude for many subjects. The young man wanted to enter a naval school, but, unfortunately, the competition did not pass.

But so ignited by the idea of ​​the sea, Paul went on a voyage around the world as an assistant pilot. Returning from around the world, he learned the sad news - his mother died.

Paul Gauguin interesting facts

In 1872, Gauguin received the position of broker exchange in Paris. At the same time he took up photography and collecting modern painting. It was this hobby that prompted him to engage in art.

In 1873, Gauguin made his first attempts to paint landscapes. Carried away by impressionism, he takes part in exhibitions and gains credibility. Marry a Danish. In the marriage with her, 5 children were born, but at the age of 35 he abandons his family, deciding to devote himself completely to art.

In 1887, Paul decides to take a break from civilization and sets off to travel to Martinique and Panama. A year later, he returned to Paris and, together with Emil Bernard, his friend, he put forward a synthetic theory of art. It is based on unnatural planes, colors and light. Paintings in the style of the new theory were popular and the artist, having sold a large number of his creations, went to Tahiti. Here he begins to write an autobiographical short story.

In 1893, Gauguin returned to France. But the new works did not impress the public, and he was able to earn very little money. In order to find his inspiration, he again travels to the southern seas, continuing to draw.

Recent years, the artist was overshadowed by a serious illness - syphilis. Heartache tormented his soul, and he tried to commit suicide in 1897. Paul Gauguin died in 1903 on the island of Khiva-Oa.

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