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Fairy Gifts Charles Perrault Summary

“Fairy Gifts” Charles Perrault brief summary of the tale you can recall in this article. This is a tale of the reward of a good girl and the punishment of evil. Fairy Gifts Summary The old widow had two daughters; her eldest daughter was unpleasant

“Sentence” Kafka summary

“Sentence” Kafka you can recall the summary of the story about the relationship between father and son in 5 minutes. “The Verdict” Kafka summary George Bendemann, a leading figure in history and an entrepreneur in high society. One Sunday morning, George finishes writing a letter to one

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth You can recall the summary of the novel in 7 minutes. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" summary on May 24, 1863. Hamburg Otto Lidenbrock, 58, professor of mineralogy and geology, accidentally finds

Finist's feather - clear falcon summary

“Finist's Feather Is Clearly a Falcon” is a Russian folk tale about a young man who can turn into a feathery falcon and about a girl who fell in love with him. Finist's little feather - the falcon is clear. Summary The old man had three daughters. Father is going to the city, the eldest and middle daughter are asking

“By pike command” summary

“By pike command” the summary will remind you of what the tale “By pike command” and what this tale teaches. “By pike command” a summary The peasant had three sons; two smart, and the third, Emelya, a fool and a lazy person. After the death of his father, everyone

“Under the Dome” summary

“Under the Dome,” you can recall the summary of Stephen King’s 2009 book by reading this article. “Under the dome” book what ends? “Under the Dome” a brief retelling of the book The novel takes place in the small town of Chesters Mill in Maine. An inexplicable phenomenon suddenly changes the lives of residents.

"Portrait of Dorian Gray" summary in English

"Portrait of Dorian Gray" a short summary in English of the work of Oscar Wilde will help to prepare for the lesson and improve knowledge of English. "The Picture of Dorian Gray" English summary The Picture of Dorian Gray begins on a beautiful summer day in Victorian era England,

The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio in English A carpenter finds a talking piece of wood and gives it to his poor neighbor, Geppetto, who carves the block into a marionette and names him Pinocchio. Pinocchio runs away as soon as

"Portrait of the artist in his youth" summary

“Portrait of the artist in his youth” summary “Portrait of the artist in his youth” is the first and partly autobiographical novel of the Irish writer James Joyce. Stephen Daedalus recalls how in childhood his father told him a fairy tale about the boy Boo Boo and the cow Moo Moo, how Mom played him a sailor dance on the piano, and he danced.

Gogol "Portrait" is a very brief summary

Gogol “Portrait” is a very short summary of “Portrait” - the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol Young artist living in poverty Chartkov, despite the fact that he has nothing to pay for renting an apartment, in the shop on Schukin’s yard he buys for an two-manded portrait of an unknown person - an old man in Asian