The main ideas of Ushinsky

K.D.Ushinsky main ideas of a well-known teacher, summarized in this article.

K.D.Ushinsky basic pedagogical ideas

Ushinsky Konstantin Dmitrievich - the founder of Russian scientific pedagogy, the creator of pedagogical scientific works that are famous not only in Russia but also abroad. The scientific views of the teacher on the theory of education and training today are popular, cited in popular science and scientific publications.

  • Theory must be reinforced by practice

The teacher was sure: the laws of psychology, philosophy, physiology and anatomy are the cornerstone of the pedagogical theory. He insisted that pedagogy cannot be based on personal experience, even if it is successful. Theory must always be supported by practice. In another case, such a theory is a useless thing, since no conclusions can be drawn from it.

  • National education and democratization of public education

Education and upbringing should take into account the historical features and traditions of the people. Nationality is the best method of education, which is expressed through respect and study of history and the native language. Such parenting develops a sense of duty to the Fatherland, patriotism, a sense of national pride, and respect for other nations.

  • Moral education

Education (as defined by KD Ushinsky) is a conscious process that contributes to the creation of a harmonious personality. In pedagogy, an important role belongs to moral education: this is the main task of education, which is more important for the development of the mind and the acquisition of knowledge. The education of morality in a person develops humanity, discipline, diligence and honesty, modesty and self-esteem. Ushinsky allocated the means of such education - a personal example of a teacher, training, pedagogical tact, persuasion, penalties, incentives and warnings.

  • Humanity as the basis of education

According to Ushinsky, the school has no place for blind obedience of the teacher’s students and physical punishment. These survivals of the old school should be replaced by humanity in the process of education.

The main ideas of Ushinsky Konstantin Dmitrievich are set forth in his writings: “Three Elements of the School”, “On the Benefits of Pedagogical Literature”, “On the Nationality in Public Education”, “Labor in its Psychic and Educational Meaning”, “Children's World”, “Native Word” , “Man as a subject of education. The experience of pedagogical anthropology. "

We hope that from this article you learned what are the main ideas of Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky.

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