Nietzsche's main ideas

The main ideas of F. Nietzsche, the founder of the philosophy of life, are summarized in this article.

Nietzsche's main ideas

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is a European philosopher. The name of the thinker is known to everyone. His worldview was developed under the influence of the works of Schopenhauer and Darwin's theory. Friedrich Nietzsche founded the philosophy of life, proclaiming the value of the reality that must be understood.

Nietzsche outlined the main ideas in his writings:

  • Death of god
  • The will to power
  • Change of world view
  • Nihilism
  • Superman

Consider the most common ideas of a great thinker.

  • The will to power

Nietzsche strove for domination and power. This is his main goal in life and the meaning of existence. For the philosopher, the will represented the foundation of the world, consisting of many accidents and filled with disorder and chaos. The will to power led Nietzsche to the idea of ​​creating a "superman."

  • Philosophy of life

Life, according to the philosopher, is a unique and separate reality for each person. She severely criticizes teachings and expressions that relate to thoughts as an indicator of human existence. Also, life should not be equated with the concept of reason. Nietzsche believes that life is a constant struggle, the main quality of which is the will.

  • Superman

Nietzsche's philosophy also touched on basic ideas about the ideal person. He breaks all the rules, ideas and norms prescribed by people. Nietzsche, as it were, recalls that all this is a fiction, which Christianity has imposed on us. By the way, the philosopher regarded Christianity as a tool that imposes on people qualities that create slavish thinking and make the weak out of strong personalities. Religion at the same time too idealizes the weak person.

  • True being

Nietzsche briefly discusses the problems of being. The philosopher is sure that it is impossible to oppose the empirical and the true. Denial of reality contributes to the denial of decadence and human life. The thinker is sure that absolute being does not exist. There is only a cycle of life in which what has once already been repeated is constantly repeated.

In addition, Friedrich Nietzsche criticizes religion, morality, science, reason. He is sure that most of the people on the planet are unreasonable, miserable and inferior individuals. The only way to manage them is through military action.

The thinker is also aggressive towards women. He identified them with cows, cats and birds. The woman’s only role is to inspire the man, and he, in turn, must keep her strict and apply physical punishment.

We hope that from this article you learned what are the main ideas of Nietzsche.

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