Key ideas of Confucius

The main ideas of Confucius are summarized in this article.

Key ideas of Confucius

Confucius (Kung Fu Tzu - Honorary Teacher Kun) is an ancient philosopher and thinker of China. His teachings became the basis of the philosophical system of China and East Asia, called Confucianism. In 523 BC, the philosopher founded the world's first private school "on the education of human characters." After his death, the students published a book - Lunyu, containing the main views of Confucius.

  • The purpose of education is an educated, morally educated, mentally, aesthetically and physically developed noble husband who combines proper behavior and deep knowledge.
  • The thinker believed that the natural in man is the material from which upbringing can make an ideal person.
  • Developed the principle of humane treatment of people.
  • People are divided according to their natural capabilities: “Sons of heaven” (possess innate wisdom), “Noble men” (possess knowledge), “Black” (people who are not able to comprehend knowledge).
  • He highlighted the principles of ethical and political Confucianism - “Six Arts”: “LI” (proper behavior in the group and society), “I” (the ability to subordinate the duty of others and oneself), “NW” (proper submission or reverence to the elder), “ZHEN” (principle of humanity, humanity), "CHI" (knowledge), "BLUE" (fidelity).
  • Morality must be constantly improved through obedience to elders, strict and strict observance of existing rules and norms.
  • The basis of education is the canon and the ritual.
  • The main way of learning is self-reading, learning by heart, thinking and exercising in art.
  • The task of the teacher is to open a new perspective to the student for thought.
  • The main pedagogical idea of ​​Confucius, relevant today, is that he put forward the principles of teaching : his own example is the basis of education, respect for the student, the unity of learning and life, tolerance, the equality of all people as students, the rejection of coercion.
  • He proposed new teaching methods - teacher-student dialogue, comparison and classification of facts, phenomena, training to pose questions independently and answer them, imitation of samples.
  • The stability of society rests on education.

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