Description of the Frog Princess

Description of the Frog Princess from the fairy tale “The Frog Princess” will help to remember everything about this hero in detail.

"Princess Frog" description of Vasilisa the Wise

The image of a frog reflected the people's dream of an ideal heroine, smart, modest, hardworking, able to defeat the forces of evil, create a new happy and fair world.

Description of Vasilisa from the fairy tale “The Frog Princess” : She knew how to work beautifully and deftly, She showed skill in anyone, Bread baked and tablecloths wove, Sewed a shirt, embroidered a pattern, Swan floated in a dance in white ...

Vasilisa the Wise is an image created by the people, it is collective, the best features of the Russian national character are concentrated in it. Vasilisa the Wise is characterized by majestic simplicity, gentle pride in herself, a remarkable mind, a deep heart full of inexhaustible love.

The main role of the heroine of a fairy tale is to be an assistant to her fiance or husband. Only thanks to her the heroes of fairy tales find themselves together. That is why the people created such a magnificent image of Vasilisa the Wise, combining the truth of life, warmth and kindness of the soul, love, mind.

"Princess Frog" characteristic of Vasilisa the Wise

When the arrow of his younger brother fell on a dirty swamp, he lost all interest in life, since he got a frog as his wife. From that moment on, he began to haunt bitter thoughts all the time that fate had ordered him very cruelly, giving him a disgusting, bug-eyed frog as his wife. However, he suggests that the Frog Princess is actually a beautiful and sweet girl who was bewitched for disobeying her father, as a result of which she was bewitched and had to wear a frog skin for three years.

The frog princess does all the housework at night, since the groom should not see her in the form of a girl. When the king tells each bride to sew a caftan for him, the Frog Princess turns out to be a wonderful needlewoman and sews a caftan in which the king is not even ashamed to go on a holiday. When the king wanted each of the brides to bake bread, he did not even imagine how beautiful bread the bride of the youngest son would bake. The bread was decorated with printed patterns, and from above decorated its cities with outposts. When they Ivan Tsarevich and the bride appeared at the feast, she was struck by all of her extraordinary beauty. During the feast, the heir to the throne commits a rash act, he finds frog skin and throws its fire.

Vasilisa the Wise was very saddened, since she had only three days to wear a frog skin, the Frog Princess turned into a gray cuckoo and flew away to the kingdom of Koshchei the Immortal. Now truly real adventures begin for him, since his bride is in Koshchei’s castle and in order to save her, it takes a lot to go through and experience many difficulties.

During his trip to the kingdom of Koschey, Ivan Tsarevich also encounters other animals, namely: hare, drake and pike. At first he was going to kill them, but then he becomes sorry for the animals, and he lets them go. Animals show their gratitude and become his loyal friends and helpers in his difficult journey to the kingdom of Koshchei.

The image of the Frog Princess was previously considered as the archetype of the totem wife, whom the primitive hunter had to marry in order for the hunt to turn out successful. They considered a myth that explains this meaning of the ritual and clarifies that marriage is necessary so that a cultural hero can get certain benefits for people.

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