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You can write a description of the cuckoo for children in the artistic or scientific style using the provided works.

Description of Cuckoo Bird

Probably each of us knows who the cuckoo is. But few people know how she looks.

Cuckoo is a very popular bird in our country. Walking through the forest, you have repeatedly heard a quiet "cuckoo." And what does this mysterious bird look like?

The cuckoo is small in size, similar to a wild dove. Sometimes its wingspan can reach fifty centimeters. But despite its greatness, the bird weighs very little: about one hundred and thirty grams. She has strong wings, short legs. Females and males even differ in color. Typically, females have a red feather, the chest is light gray with black stripes. Males are dark gray with dark stripes. Their beak is dark and their legs are orange. Cuckoos love to feast on various insects.

And among the people, the cuckoo has a bad reputation. They say that it is impossible to find worse mothers among birds. Instead of building her own nest, she finds someone else's. And while the parents of the chicks are absent, he throws one egg and lays his own instead. The little cuckoo hatches earlier. And it is difficult to distinguish from the rest of the kids. Therefore, future parents will have a hard time feeding the voracious foundling.

So here she is - a beautiful, but so cunning cuckoo.

Cuckoo Description Writing

The loud “cuckoo” is well known to each of us. It cannot be confused with the voice of another bird. Everyone also knows about the cuckoo's habit of throwing eggs to other birds. But what does a cuckoo look like everyone remembers.

A cuckoo is not a large bird. The cuckoo is 30-40 cm long and has a wingspan of 65 cm. It is considered one of the fastest, dexterous and cautious birds in the world.

The cry of a cuckoo is heard from afar, but through the modest coloring and the habit of hiding in the dense crowns of deciduous trees, it is really not easy to see the cuckoo.

The birds of both sexes are colored the same: the dark gray upper part of the body, and the head and wings are brown in color. The cuckoo has a long tail rounded at the end.
The chicks on the neck have a white spot, and their plumage often has a reddish-brown hue. The cuckoo can be confused with the quail hawk, because it has the same pointed wings and striped belly.

Short description of the cuckoo

Cuckoo is a famous bird in our area. This bird is fragile and small. Her singing can often be heard in forests and rivers.

The color of the cuckoo is predominantly gray. In an adult male, the entire upper side of the body, including the head, is painted in dark gray. The throat and goiter are also gray, but with a lighter ash color. The belly is white, with dark transverse stripes. Females are brownish in color from above, the back is rusty-red with wide black and narrow white transverse stripes.

It is known that the cuckoo is a bad mother - she lays eggs with other birds. Therefore, having been born, the cuckoo perceives for its mother another bird, which educates him. And also, male cuckoos and female cuckoos sing differently. The males sing the well-known “cuckoo,” and the sounds of females are very similar to laughter. So, cuckoos are beautiful gray birds, known for their trills.

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