Description of Ivan Tsarevich in the tale "The Frog Princess"

Description of Ivan Tsarevich from "The Frog Princess" will help to understand what kind of appearance the hero had and what character traits.

Description of Ivan from the fairy tale “The Frog Princess”

Ivan Tsarevich, was a handsome young guy, the youngest son of the king. He was dressed appropriately. He was wearing red boots, a red jacket and red pants, and he also had a sword and a quiver of arrows.

The characterization of Ivan Tsarevich makes it clear that he is brave, courageous, obedient, and does not contradict his father. After the father insists on his marriage to a frog, he agrees.

In appearance, he resembled more Alyosha Popovich. He had blond hair, he was broad-shouldered.

Ivan Tsarevich had a sound mind and could solve difficult life situations. Ivan Tsarevich sometimes acts thoughtlessly, cuts off the shoulder: he burns frog skin, not realizing the consequences. When he realizes that he has lost Vasilisa the Wise, he does not just grieve, but goes in search of her - "wherever your eyes look." On the way, he is helped by an old man who gave a magic ball, and Baba Yaga. Ivan Tsarevich himself overcomes all difficulties, conquers all worldly hardships. He helps animals, shows mercy, pity them, acts selflessly, not thinking about the reward. These qualities are especially appreciated by the people.

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