"Education for the Future" essay

An essay on the topic: “Education of the future” you can write using the presented option.

Composition: “Education in the future”

Education in our country requires improvement. Indeed, in the era of information technology and education should keep up with the times.

Such a rapid development of technology in the next few years will completely reformat the education system. There will be massive online learning. Where you do not need to be present in the audience. It’s enough to have a gadget and access to the world wide web. In this regard, there will be no need for human teachers. Replace the work that will clearly follow the given system. Scientists are also talking about an individual education system. It is very difficult for teachers to pay equal attention to each student. After all, everything is completely different and it is physically impossible. Therefore, researchers suggest using computer technology that will allow you to build an education system individually for each student.

Personally, my vision of future education is twofold. On the one hand, the modern world requires computerization, because it is convenient. And on the other - no robot can replace live communication between people. And that is the real problem.

Therefore, I believe that the country should not lag behind the rapid technological development. This will provide an opportunity for powerful development.

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