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Why the tale is called "Bremen Town Musicians"

If you don’t understand why the fairy tale is called “Bremen Town Musicians”, then read our article and you will find useful information. Why the tale is called "The Bremen Town Musicians" The authors of the tale are the Grimm brothers, famous German writers, scientists and linguists. Why is the fairy tale called “Bremen

Who is Apollo?

All of us in childhood heard legends about the Greek gods. Today there is an opportunity to get acquainted with one of them - Apollo. Who is Apollo? Apollo (or another name for Phoebus, which means "radiant") is God in Greek mythology: golden-headed,

Quran interesting facts

Quran interesting facts about the holy book of Muslims are outlined in this article. Amazing facts about the Quran: In 2012, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, produced the largest Quran in the world. It took five years to create it. One

Don Quixote interesting facts

Interesting facts about “Don Quixote” The celebrated novel “The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha” Cervantes went on sale in Madrid in 1605, in the month of January, and overnight became incredibly popular, which, however, did not improve the financial situation