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"Night Flight" Exupery Summary

"Night Flight" Exupery brief summary of the novel of the French writer, you can remember in 5 minutes. “Night Flight” summary The action takes place in Argentina in the era of the emergence of commercial aviation and lasts for one night. Riviera - Network Director

"Nesmeyana Tsarevna" summary

"Nesmeyana Tsarevna" summary The Nesmeyana Tsarevna lives in the royal chambers and never smiles, does not laugh. The king promises to marry Nesmeyan for someone who can cheer her up. Many have tried to do this, but nobody succeeds. And at the other end of the kingdom a worker lives. His master is a good man. At the end of the year, he puts before the employee

King's New Dress

The King’s New Dress is a fairy tale by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. “The King's New Dress” summary The king of some state hires two crooks who promise to sew a new dress for him from such a thin fabric that it will be practically invisible to fools.

"Nose" Akutagawa Ryunosuke summary

"Nose" Akutagawa Ryunosuke summary The monk is ashamed of the huge size of his nose, but having reduced it, he begins to regret it and wants him to come back, which is what is happening. Anyone knows about the huge size of the zenti monk’s nose in Ikenoo. All life

"Nose" Gogol chapter summary

"Nose" is Gogol's satirical absurd story. "Nose" Gogol summary of the chapters Chapter 1 "Nose" summary This story began on March 25 in St. Petersburg. In the morning, the barber Ivan Yakovlevich was awakened by the smell of fresh bread, which his wife Praskovya Osipovna baked. Ivan Yakovlevich hastened to sit down for