Monte Cassino what is famous for?

What is famous for the Monte Cassino Monastery Italy, you will learn from this article.

What was the Monte Cassino Monastery famous for?

Monte Cassino is a famous and ancient monastery and center of religious life, scientific activity in the Middle Ages. It was founded in 529 by Saint Benedict of Nursia. Within its walls appeared the fundamental Charter of the Benedictines, the foundation of all Western monasticism. Over time, the monastery grew into a monastery, and fame spread throughout Europe.

Monte Cassino became famous in one of the dates of the military past - May 18, 1944. Then, after a week's assault, the Polish troops captured this monastery and opened the way for Rome to the Allies. But more on that.

In September 1943, Italy surrendered, and the Badoglio government came to power, declaring war on Nazi Germany. The battle on the second front with his allies was fought by von Fitingof, who commanded a part of the tenth army. The strategically important approaches to Ryme were guarded by the Gustav defensive line. She passed through Cassino, the main part through the hill on which the monastery was built. And he became the main point of the defensive line, a tidbit for enemies.

Continuous battles with German troops were fought by British and French troops, as well as part of the US troops. The allies prepared an attack plan, which included a prolonged bombardment of the mountain. After the shelling of 228 vehicles in 1944, little remained of the Holy Monastery of Montecassino, or rather, practically nothing. In general, the battle for the defensive hill was conducted for 5 months, until May 18, 1944. More than 20,000 Germans and 102,000 allied troops died in the fighting. They managed to evacuate the unique library to the Vatican, and most of the relics were secretly taken to other places.

It was rebuilt and consecrated in 1964. Today, the monastery operates in the status of a territorial abbey, which is subordinate to the Holy See. As of 2002, it consisted of 53 parishes.

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