"My family traditions" essay

“My family traditions” composition can become an example and help to tell about family traditions.

"Composition" The Traditions of My Family "

Over time and modernity, traditions in our families have undergone certain transformations. Already rarely seen at the celebration of Andrei, Ivan Kupal or Vodokreshche. Of course, some elements remained, but in a completely different sense.

The long-awaited holidays in my family - New Year and Christmas. And all family traditions are aimed specifically at them. For example, on New Year's Eve, all family members come together to discuss all issues of the celebration. To make everyone comfortable. Then they go to stores in search of gifts to each other. In the evening, according to the plan, a Christmas tree decoration is mandatory. On New Year's eve, we usually have a lot of guests at home. Therefore, a variety of contests and quizzes to be.

My family's favorite holiday is Christmas. Here we draw family traditions from the folklore past. On Holy evening, be sure to cook twelve dishes. Then we dress up in various Christmas images and go caroling to neighbors and friends. This action is magical action for us. Caroling is a favorite tradition. When I have my own family, we will surely take it for ourselves in order to preserve and pass it on to the new generation.

I believe that traditions should be in every family. Firstly, this is what distinguishes our families from each other, makes them special. Secondly, traditions are a mention of our ancestors, of a history that reaches ancient times. And without the past, as we know, there is no future.

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