"Little Prince" quote about the planet

"Little Prince" quote about the planet of the protagonist and about planet Earth are collected in this article.

"The Little Prince" quotes about the planet

On the planet of the Little Prince, like on any other planet, herbs are useful and harmful. This means that there are good seeds of good, healthy herbs and harmful seeds of bad, weed grass.

There is such a firm rule. He got up in the morning, washed himself, put himself in order - and immediately tidy your planet.

- I know one planet, there lives one gentleman with a crimson face. He had never sniffed a flower in his entire life. Never looked at a star. He never loved anyone. And he never did anything. He is busy with only one thing: he adds up the numbers. And from morning to night he repeats one thing: “I am a serious man! I am a serious person! ”- just like you. And straight swells with pride. But in fact, he is not a man. He is a mushroom.

It is enough to just move the chair a few steps. And you look at the sunset sky again and again, you just want to ...

  • Once upon a time there lived the Little Prince. He lived on a planet that was a little larger than himself, and he really missed a friend ... "
  • On the planet of the Little Prince, simple, modest flowers always grew - they had few petals, they took up very little space and did not bother anyone. They opened in the morning in the grass and faded in the evening. And this one sprouted once from a grain brought from nowhere, and the Little Prince did not take his eyes off a tiny sprout, unlike all other sprouts and blades.

“Your planet is so tiny,” the Little Prince went on, “you can go around it in
three steps. And you just have to go so fast that you stay in the sun all the time. When you want to relax, you just go, go ... And the day will last as much time as you wish.

“What a strange planet! Thought the Little Prince. - It’s completely dry, all in needles and salty. And people lack imagination. They only repeat what you tell them ... At home I had a flower, my beauty and joy, and he always spoke first ”.

Earth is not a simple planet! It has one hundred and eleven kings (including, of course, Negroes), seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand dealers, seven and a half million drunks, three hundred and eleven million ambitious people, totaling about two billion adults.

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