Maxim Gorky chronological table

The bitter chronological table of life and work of a Russian writer, prose writer, playwright is set out in this article.

Gorky's chronological table

Maxim Gorky is the literary pseudonym of Alexei Maximovich Peshkov.

March 16 (28), 1868 - Maxim Gorky was born in Nizhny Novgorod, in the family of a joiner

1876-1883 - studied at the Ilyinsky school, then at the Nizhny Novgorod suburban Kunavinsky primary school, but did not finish the course.

1879 - mother died; a ruined grandfather gave the boy a favor in a shoe store.

1884-1887 - Moved to Kazan, wanted to go to university, but never became a student, continued self-education mainly in Narodnik and Marxist circles.

1888-1892 - Wandered in search of work in the Volga region, Ukraine, Southern Bessarabia, Crimea, the Caucasus. He was arrested several times for revolutionary propaganda among workers.

1892 - The first story, Makar Chudra, was published in the Tiflis newspaper Kavkaz under the pseudonym M. Gorky.

1895-1896 - The stories “The Old Woman Izergil”, Song of the Falcon, “Chelkash”, “Konovalov” are written

1896 - marriage to Ekaterina Pavlovna Volzhina (they had 2 children - daughter and son)

1898 - Two volumes of Essays and Stories were published.

1899 - Moved to Petersburg. Acquaintance with L.N. Tolstoy , A.II. Chekhov . Published story "Thomas Gordeev."

1902 - The play “At the Bottom” was created; elected honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

1905 - joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

1906 - visited the United States to raise funds for the underground struggle of the Bolsheviks. Fearing arrest in Russia, Gorky, after traveling across America, settled in Italy on the island of Capri, where he lived until 1913.

1913 - falling under an amnesty in connection with the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the writer returned to Russia. Started work on the story "Childhood"

1917-1918 - A series of articles “Untimely Thoughts” was written.

1921-1928 - unable to live and work in Russia, he left for Germany, then to Italy (Sorrento). He wrote the story “The Artamonov Case”.

1928 - Return to the USSR.

1934 - Gorky holds the I All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers, speaks at it with a keynote speech.

June 18, 1936 - Maxim Gorky died. The ashes are buried in the Kremlin wall on Red Square in Moscow.

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