Earth's magnetic field interesting facts

You will learn interesting facts about the magnetic field in this article.

Interesting facts about the magnetic field

For several billion years, our planet has been a huge magnet. The induction of the Earth's magnetic field varies depending on the coordinates. At the equator, it is approximately 3.1 to 10 minus the fifth degree of Tesla. In addition, there are magnetic anomalies, where the value and direction of the field differ significantly from neighboring regions. One of the largest magnetic anomalies on the planet is the Kursk and Brazilian magnetic anomalies.

The origin of the Earth’s magnetic field is still a mystery to scientists. It is assumed that the source of the field is the liquid metal core of the Earth. The core moves, which means that molten iron-nickel alloy moves, and the movement of charged particles - this is the electric current that generates a magnetic field. The problem is that this theory (geodynamo) does not explain how the field is kept stable.

Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from cosmic rays and the solar wind.

Migrating birds find their way through the magnetic field. Also, turtles and some other animals, for example, cows, are guided by it. Thanks to him, aurora also appears.

In the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, the thickness of the magnetic field has decreased markedly and today is only one third of the norm. This fact is very alarming for all scientists in the world, because such a gap can destroy the planet in a fairly short time. Over the past 150 years, the field thickness at this location has weakened by 10%.

Earth's magnetic poles are moving. Their displacement has been recorded since 1885. For example, over the past hundred years, the magnetic pole in the Southern Hemisphere has shifted by almost 900 kilometers and is now located in the Southern Ocean. The pole of the Arctic hemisphere moves across the Arctic Ocean to the East Siberian magnetic anomaly, its speed (according to 2004) was about 60 kilometers per year. Now there is an acceleration of the pole movement - on average, the speed is growing by 3 kilometers per year.

Today there is no real opportunity to strengthen the Earth’s magnetic field and even more protect the planet from the external influence of the Sun. However, modern research is already on the way to "cure" the atmosphere and "patch" holes in it using existing or developing technologies.

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