Lobo Summary

Lobo Ernest Seton-Thompson Summary

Lobo is a coyote that lived in the Curampo Valley in New Mexico. In the period of the 1890s, Lobo and his flock were forced to start hunting for the cattle of the settlers, since the settlers had previously destroyed their prey. Herders tried to destroy Lobo and his flock, pouring poison into the dead carcasses of animals, but the wolves threw away the infected parts of the carcasses and did not eat them. Then the herders tried to destroy the wolves with the help of traps and, hunting them with guns, but this was also unsuccessful. Ernest Thompson Seton was tempted by the challenge and reward of $ 1,000 per head Lobo, the leader of the pack. Seton poisoned the five lures, prudently hiding the traces of human presence and scattering them on the territory of Lobo. The next day, all the baits disappeared, and Seton decided that Lobo would die soon. Seton later found all five lures in one pile, covered with earth and stones, which showed Lobo's disgust for Seton's attempts to poison him.

Seton bought new, improved traps and carefully installed them on the territory of Lobo, but after a while he saw that Lobo specially ran through all the traps, putting them into action, but did not get caught. When Seton’s time to catch Lobo stretched from two weeks to four months, Seton felt exhausted. When Seton pitched a parking lot over the backwater where the birds wintered, he saw Lobo's tracks following the smaller ones. At this point, Seton realized that Lobo's weakness was a white she-wolf, nicknamed Blanca. Seton set several traps in the narrow aisle so that Blanca would fall into them, since Lobo avoided them all. Finally, Seton was lucky. Blanca, trying to check the bait (cattle head), fell into the trap. When Seton found her, she howled with hopelessness, and Lobo ran alongside. Lobo ran to a safe distance and watched as Seton and his men killed Blanca and tied to a horse. Over the next two days, Seton heard Lobo howl. Seton described Lobo's howl like this: "an unmistakable note of sadness in him ... It was not an ordinary defiant howl, but a mournful howl." Although Seton felt sorry for the grieving wolf, he continued to plan to capture Lobo.

Despite the danger, Lobo, following the smell of Blanca, runs to Seton's ranch, where they brought a white she-wolf. Seton sets even more traps, using Blanca's scent as a decoy. Throughout history, Lobo never allowed himself to catch Seton. January 31, 1894 Lobo was caught, all four paws were in a trap. As Seton approached, Lobo continued to stand on his wounded legs, howling. Struck by the courage and love of Lobo for his companion, Seton could not finish him off. Seton and his men tied Lobo, put a muzzle on him and tied him to a horse, and then drove him to his ranch. Lobo refused to eat anything or even look at his invaders. Lobo was put on a chain, and he kept looking in the direction of “his kingdom”. That same night, Lobo died, his heart could not stand it.

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