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Benjamin Franklin inventions

The achievements of Benjamin Franklin and the invention, politician, diplomat, scientist, journalist, writer, publisher and freemason are used even today. What Benjamin Franklin became famous for and what you invented, you will learn in this article. Benjamin Franklin inventions Benjamin Franklin became famous not only

What praised Erasmus of Rotterdam?

Erasmus of Rotterdam has devoted his praise to his satire, you will learn from this article. What did Erasmus of Rotterdam praise in his book? Erasmus of Rotterdam was the most prominent representative of the movement of humanism, who made a huge contribution to the revival of the values ​​of Antiquity. He defended human rights

Hegel main ideas

What are the main ideas of Hegel's philosophy, the philosopher of German classical thought, you will learn from this article. Hegel's main ideas Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is a classic of German thought, and his philosophy is the achievement of the 19th century. The views of the professor were formed under the influence of dialectics

Socrates main ideas

What are the main ideas of the philosophy of Socrates, the ancient Greek thinker and philosopher, you will learn from this article. Socrates is the author of the theory of genuine eloquence, which is based on knowledge of the truth. His conversations and speeches are recorded by the students of the thinker, and today we have a wonderful

The role of Socrates in philosophy

Socrates's achievements in the philosophy of the famous ancient Greek thinker and philosopher are summarized in this article. Socrates and his contribution to philosophy. Socrates played an important role in the development of ancient philosophy (470/469 - 399 BC). All life

Nietzsche's main ideas

The main ideas of F. Nietzsche, the founder of the philosophy of life, are summarized in this article. The main ideas of Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is a European philosopher. The name of the thinker is known to everyone. His worldview was developed under the influence of the works of Schopenhauer and Darwin's theory.

The main ideas of Ushinsky

K.D.Ushinsky main ideas of a well-known teacher, summarized in this article. KD Ushinsky main pedagogical ideas Ushinsky Konstantin Dmitrievich - the founder of Russian scientific pedagogy, the creator of pedagogical scientific works that are famous not only in Russia, but

Engels main ideas

Engels Friedrich, the main ideas of the outstanding fighter and teacher of the proletariat, one of the founders of scientific communism, are summarized in this article. Friedrich Engels main ideas briefly If Karl Marx created the social philosophy of Marxism, then Friedrich Engels tried to build a philosophy,

Durkheim main ideas

Emil Durkheim the main ideas of the French sociologist and philosopher are summarized in this article. Durkheim main ideas briefly Emil Durkheim (1858-1917) was a supporter of the positivist sociological tradition. He was guided by the principles of accuracy, empirical validity, and the proof of theoretical principles. Sociology goal for

The main ideas of Vygotsky

The main ideas of the cultural-historical theory of Vygotsky Lev Nikolaevich are summarized in this article. Vygotsky Lev Semenovich is a Russian psychologist at the beginning of the 20th century, known for connecting psychology with pedagogy. He belongs to the development of a fundamental theory of formation and development