Leo Vygotsky interesting facts

Lev Vygotsky, interesting facts from the life of the Soviet psychologist, the founder of the cultural-historical school, are presented in this article.

Leo Vygotsky interesting facts

The surname at birth of Lev Semenovich was Vygodsky. But in 1923, for unknown reasons, he changed the letter "d" to "t", becoming Vygotsky.

Science was given to him quite easily, and the future psychologist graduated from high school with a gold medal.

His first and only love was Smekhova Roza Noevna. He lived with her in marriage for 10 happy years (their union ended the death of Leo Vygotsky). The Vygotsky family had two children - the daughters Gita and Asya. They followed in the footsteps of their father, devoting their lives to science. The eldest daughter, Gita, became a defectologist and psychologist, and the youngest, Asya, became a biologist. The granddaughter of Lev Semenovich Kravtsova, Elena Evgenievna, continued the dynasty of psychologists. Today she heads the Institute of Psychology, which bears the name of her famous grandfather.

After graduating from high school, Lev Semenovich wanted to play at the University of Philology at Moscow University, but by submitting documents, he was refused. Vygotsky was very upset. But after obeying his parents, he nevertheless reapplied to the same university, but to the medical faculty. True, he studied there a little and switched to legal.

Lev Semenovich Vygotsky was fluent in Greek, Hebrew and English, and also knew Latin.

It is interesting that the scientist chose not the profession of psychologist or psychotherapist, but the teacher. He taught at many schools and technical schools, taught courses. At one time, Vygotsky headed the theater department of education, and after the art. In addition, he constantly wrote and published his works. And even managed to work as an editor in a local publication.

Vygotsky is the author of the "cultural-historical theory", which he put forward in 1930. The main activities of the scientist were the cognitive development of children and pedology. He also studied deep psycholinguistics.

In the early 30s, his name was deleted from the history of Russian psychology for neglecting Marxism.

We hope that from this article you learned something interesting about Leo Semenovich Vygotsky.

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