Lesya Ukrainka short biography

A brief biography of Forest Ukrainka will introduce you to the main events of the life and work of the poetess.

Lesya Ukrainka (real name Larisa Petrovna Kosach-Kvitka) is a Ukrainian writer, translator, and cultural figure.

Lesya Ukrainka biography briefly

Born February 25, 1871 in the city of Novograd-Volynsky. (Mother - Olena Pchilka, Father - a highly educated landowner, uncle - Mikhail Drahomanov). Writers, artists and musicians often gathered in the house of Kosachev, evenings and home concerts were held

Studied in private teachers. At the age of 6, she began to learn to embroider.

1881 marked the beginning of tuberculosis. A seriously ill Lesya studies classical languages ​​(Greek and Latin). In the fall of 1883, Lesia underwent surgery on her left hand, removed bones affected by tuberculosis.

In December, Lesya returns from Kiev to Kolodyazhnoye, her health improves, and with the help of her mother, Lesya studies French and German.

Since 1884, Lesya has been actively writing poetry (“Lily of the Valley”, “Safo”, “The Summer is Redder Passed”, etc.) and publishes them in the journal Zarya. It was this year that the pseudonym “Lesya Ukrainka” appeared.

1885 in Lviv, a collection of her translations of the works of Nikolai Gogol (prepared jointly with his brother Mikhail) was published. Ukrainian translated a lot (Gogol, A. Mitskevich , G. Heine , V. Hugo , Homer , etc.).

The level of her education can be evidenced by the fact that at the age of 19 she wrote a textbook “Ancient History of Eastern Peoples” for her sisters.

Having traveled to Galicia in 1891, and later to Bukovina, Ukrainka met many prominent figures in Western Ukraine ( I. Franko , M. Pavlik, O. Kobylyanskaya, V. Stefanik and others).

1894 - studying at the art school of N. I. Murashko in Kiev. In May, the poetess goes abroad to uncle M. Drahomanov. She was treated for her disease in different countries, visited Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Egypt. Repeated stay in the Caucasus, in the Crimea enriched her impression and contributed to the expansion of the horizons of the writer.

1902 the poet spent on treatment in San Remo (Italy), lives in Odessa, Kiev. In Chernivtsi, her collection of poems "Reviews" was released.

1903 dramatic poem "Babylonian captivity", poem "Smoke".

1904-1905 - poetry "The daughter of Jephthah", "The inscription in ruins" and others. The second edition of the collection "On the wings of songs." “Autumn Fairy Tale”, “Songs from the Cemetery”, “Songs about Freedom”, poems “Dreams, Do not betray!”, “Raptured at the feasts of the bloody ...”, dialogue “Three minutes”.

In early March 1907, Lesya Ukrainka moved from Kolodyazhny to Kiev.

August 7, 1907 Lesya Ukrainka and Clement Kvitka officially married in the church, live in Crimea. The poetess completes the dramatic poem "Cassandra." The gendarmes searched Kosachev’s apartment and confiscated 121 books. L. Ukrainka together with her sister Olga were arrested.

In 1908, Lesya Ukrainka was in Yalta, Kiev, Odessa, Yevpatoriya, Batumi, Tbilisi. I went to Berlin for a consultation with a kidney surgery professor.

The last years of life of L. Kosach-Kvitka went on traveling to hospitals in Egypt and the Caucasus.

She died on July 19, 1913 in Surami at the age of 42 years.

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