Cuckoo: interesting facts

Interesting Cuckoo Facts

Most species of cuckoos do not build nests and do not hatch eggs, but toss them to other birds.

About 150 different species of birds are known to which the cuckoo lays its eggs. A cuckoo egg weighs about 3 g, while birds of its size have an egg weight of 15 g. And not only in size and shape, but also in color, it resembles the egg of that bird in which the cuckoo lays its eggs.

There are species of cuckoos who themselves hatch and feed their chicks.

To put their eggs in a strange nest, the cuckoo throws one foreign egg out of the masonry and replaces it with its own. She can also throw all hatched eggs out of someone else's nest, causing the birds to rush again, and then toss her eggs into a fresh clutch.

Newborn zosulata at the age of only a few hours of age throw everything from the nest that is there, namely : chicks or eggs of the nest owners. Such a fate awaits all the chicks and eggs until the cuckoos are left alone in the nest. Foster parents feed him alone, sometimes much smaller in size than their gluttonous foundling.

In some cuckoo species, the chicks do not discard their stepbrothers, but trample them or deprive them of food.

Zozulya among many nations is a symbol of suffering, widowhood, misfortune and longing for the past. She can prophesy an unhappy marriage, poor harvest, lack of money. In other cases, on the contrary, this bird predicts a happy marriage, a rich harvest, for many years and is a symbol of spring.

It is believed that the cuckoo earlier than everyone flies south and returns from there, because it has the keys to Iria, the mythical warm southern country where birds and snakes winter, and also the souls of the dead.

The life expectancy of a cuckoo is on average 5-10 years. But there are cases when some individuals survived to 35 and even to 40 years.

Only the male cuckoos. The female's voice is like laughter.

Cuckoo flies to Africa in winter. Most often birds fly not in packs, but one by one.

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