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The Invisible Man Chapter Summary

The Invisible Man chapter by chapter will help you find out all the details of Herbert Wells novel. “The Invisible Man” summary by chapters The Invisible Man Herbert Wells summary by chapters Appearance of a stranger In early February, a stranger came to Iping. He immediately settled in

"Angry Boy" Chekhov summary

“Angry Boy” you can recall a summary of Chekhov's story in 5 minutes. "Angry Boy" summary It was in the country. The young man Ivan Ivanovich Lapkin and the young girl Anna Semenovna Zamblitskaya together fished. There was nobody near and Ivan confessed to the girl: “When I saw you, I fell in love for the first time,

Dagon Lovecraft summary

“Dagon” Howard Lovecraft a summary of the story you can remember in 5 minutes. “Dagon” Lovecraft summary Today I’m running out of morphine and I decided to throw myself out of the window, but the reason for this was not my weakness, but that

Silver Hoof Summary

“Silver Hoof” you can recall the summary of Bazhov’s tale in 5 minutes. "Silver hoof" what is the story? “Silver Hoof” the main characters are Grandfather Kokovanya, an orphan Darenka and Silver Hoof. What does the tale "Silver Hoof" teach? - This book teaches

Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” you can recall the summary of Charles Perrault's tale in 5 minutes. “Beauty and the Beast” summary Charles Perrault What does the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” teach - appearance is not the most important thing in a person, most important is his rich spiritual world.

Fairy Gifts Charles Perrault Summary

“Fairy Gifts” Charles Perrault brief summary of the tale you can recall in this article. This is a tale of the reward of a good girl and the punishment of evil. Fairy Gifts Summary The old widow had two daughters; her eldest daughter was unpleasant

"In the penal colony" summary

“In the correctional colony” you can recall the summary of Kafka’s story in 7 minutes. “In the correctional colony” summary The main characters of Kafka's story have no names: Traveler Officer New commandant Convict Soldier The story is dedicated to the Traveler who arrives in

“Sentence” Kafka summary

“Sentence” Kafka you can recall the summary of the story about the relationship between father and son in 5 minutes. “The Verdict” Kafka summary George Bendemann, a leading figure in history and an entrepreneur in high society. One Sunday morning, George finishes writing a letter to one

The Brave Tailor Summary

“The Brave Tailor” you can recall the summary of the Grimm Brothers tale in 5 minutes. “The Brave Tailor” summary After work, the poor tailor prepares to eat bread with plum jam, but flies settle on him and he kills seven of

Aivengo Summary

“Aivengo” is a summary of Walter Scott's novel about the enmity of the Anglo-Saxons and Normans during the reign of Richard I. “Aivengo” is a summary of the end of the Third Crusade, many knights return to Europe. King Richard the Lionheart held captive by the Austrian Duke