Short biography of Fedor Ushakov

Ushakov Fedor Fedorovich a brief biography of the Russian naval commander, admiral and one of the creators of the Black Sea Fleet is set out in this article.

Brief biography of Ushakov Fedor Fedorovich

Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov was born in 1744 in the small village of Burnakovo, Romanovsky Uyezd, Yaroslavl Province in the family of a poor nobleman. In 1766, Fedor graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg.

Fedor Ushakov interesting facts

In the warehouse of the Azov Flotilla, he participated in skirmishes with the Turks in 1769-1774. In 1775, he was appointed captain of the frigate, then the imperial yacht in 1780. Having commanded the battleship Victor, he smashed English pirates on the sea routes into the Mediterranean Sea from the Baltic.

In 1783, Ushakov began to build the Black Sea Fleet with the main base in Sevastopol and train ship crews. Commanding the battleship Saint Paul in 1789, he sank a Turkish squadron near the island of Fidonisi, for which he received the rank of rear admiral. In the period 1790-1791, Fedor Fedorovich headed the Black Sea Fleet and defeated the Turks near the Kerch Strait.

As vice admiral, and later admiral, he led the Mediterranean campaign in 1798-1800 and took the fortress on the island of Corfu, previously occupied

the French and contributed to the founding of the Greek democratic state.

In 1807, Ushakov Fedor Fedorovich resigned and engaged in charity work, devoting himself to the Church. He spent the rest of his life in the Tambov province. The local nobility in 1812 chose Ushakov as the leader of the militia. But because of his health, Fedor Fedorovich refused to take the post. The great naval commander died at the age of 72 in 1817 .

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