"The beauty of the soul of man" essay

What is more important internal or external beauty? The answer to this question seems simple, but still consider the problem in more detail.

The work "What is the beauty of the soul?"

In today's world, you can rarely meet a really beautiful person. Yes, beautiful. Not dressed up and dressed up, but truly good to the core.

Truth is told that human hearts are as different as a face. Therefore, as a rule, appearance is deceiving. And what is the beauty of man? I believe that first of all in kindness. We reveal the most beautiful features when we are polite to people, when we know how to support not only with words, but also with deeds. The real gift is to feel others with your soul.

Spiritual beauty makes a person more attractive from the outside. Such personalities attract, I want to communicate with them more and more. For example, I have many friends who dress well, have a great taste. And inside they have a void. Most emit meanness, dishonesty, "star sickness."

Beauty surrounds us everywhere: a small cloud in the sky, a drop of dew on a flower, a bunny in the field. Part of all this is man as the most perfect of all creations. Beauty gives joy, lifts to heaven.

Therefore, you should not pay attention and judge a person by his appearance. Try to look deeper and find out the true beauty. Only then can you become a real person.

What beauty is real for you? Express your own thoughts in the comments)

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