Konstantin Ushinsky short biography

Ushinsky K.D. A brief biography for children and adults is outlined in this article.

Konstantin Ushinsky short biography

Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky - Russian teacher, writer, founder of scientific pedagogy in Russia.

) 1823 года в семье отставного офицера. Born in Tula on February 19 ( March 3 ), 1823 in the family of a retired officer. His mother died when he was 11 years old, but he kept memories of her for life.

Childhood passed in the Chernihiv region, where the family moved after the appointment of his father as a judge in Novgorod-Seversky. At 11, Konstantin Ushinsky entered the third grade of the Novgorod-Seversky Gymnasium, which he graduated in 1840.

In 1840, Ushinsky began his studies at Moscow University. Throughout his studies, he gave private lessons.

In 1844, he brilliantly graduated from the university and was invited to a professorship at the Yaroslavl Demidov Lyceum, where he was the most popular professor. But after 6 years, he stopped working at the Lyceum, as he had petty nitpicking on the part of his superiors.

Since 1852, Ushinsky has been engaged in literary activities, studying foreign languages.

In 1855, he was appointed a teacher of literature and law at the Gatchina Institute, and soon then became an inspector of this institute. Once he found (archive) a complete collection of pedagogical literature, which was collected by a former inspector of the institute, a student of Pestalozzi E. Gugel. This library has changed Ushinsky's views on education.

In 1859, Ushinsky was appointed to the post of class inspector of the Smolny Institute. At that time, education was considered harmful to women. But Ushinsky thought differently - he understood the important role of women in the family and society. His lessons were very popular.

The name of K. D. Ushinsky became famous throughout Russia as a talented teacher. He was even ordered to write in writing his opinion on the education of the heir to the throne.

During this period, his book "Children's World" was published. It immediately began to be used in various educational institutions, and was published three times in the first year.

After three years of teaching Ushinsky at the Smolny Institute, he became very famous. However, at that time denunciations began to be written on him with ridiculous accusations. This undermined his health.

Soon Ushinsky goes to Heidelberg, where he talks with the famous Russian doctor Pirogov. Under the influence of communication with him, Ushinsky recovered and got stronger in spirit, continued his scientific activity. At that time he did not occupy any official position.

In the spring of 1870, he felt very ill, and in this regard he went to the Crimea to restore his health. There, he saw the practical application in school of his textbook, “Native Word”.

The last years of Ushinsky’s life were not easy - the death of his beloved son, a serious illness ...

December 22, 1870 (January 3, 1871) he died.

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