Confucius: quotes about death

Confucius: quotes about death

Without knowing what life is, is it possible to know death?

A worthy man cannot but possess a breadth of knowledge and firmness of spirit. His burden is heavy, and his path is long. Humanity is the burden he carries: is it heavy? Only death completes his path: is he long?

To starve is a small event, and losing morality is a big one.

About one day Confucius saw a crying woman and asked what her grief was. She told him that the tiger tore all her relatives one after another.

“Why don't you leave this area?” - the sage was surprised.

- In other areas, princes oppress the people.

“You see,” Confucius said then to his disciples, “a cruel tyrant is worse for a man than a fierce beast.”

Confucius: quotes about enemies

Before taking revenge, dig two graves.

If you spit in the back, then you're ahead.

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