Confucianism: Key Ideas

Confucianism The basic ideas and principles of ancient Chinese teachings are set forth in this article.

Confucianism main ideas briefly

The main goal of Confucianism is to achieve the status of a "noble husband." This state can be achieved by training the highest moral qualities of the personality in yourself. This is given only to that person who has the skills of justice, humanity and humanity. The main rule of learning is to do for a person what you desire for yourself.

Anyone who has embarked on the path of Confucianism should respect his parents, "spiritual relatives." According to Confucius, a country is one big family, our “spiritual relatives”, to whom we must show kindness and love.

The teachings of Confucius were also based on cultural education, on strict rules of behavior in society and etiquette. “Noble husband” is an example for everyone and always treats women with respect.

The main ideas of Confucianism come down to 5 features that ideally should be possessed by a person:

  • True attitude. A noble husband exists in absolute harmony with people. Experts in philosophy often define such an attitude as self-control and high self-discipline.
  • True behavior . A person studying Confucianism knows the rules of etiquette and applies it daily in his life. A noble husband knows all the necessary rules and traditions that relate to the veneration and respect of his ancestors. If a person does not have a true attitude, then true behavior makes no sense.
  • True knowledge. A worthy man is highly educated: he knows the history of his country, is familiar with the work of Chinese composers and classical poets, is well versed in jurisprudence. Confucius was sure that the knowledge that cannot be applied in life is a useless burden. And in order to achieve true knowledge, one must develop in oneself a true attitude and true behavior.
  • The true state of mind. A noble person remains true to his ideals, to himself and is fair to others. His actions and actions improve the life of society.
  • True constancy. When a person has developed in himself all of the above features, then he already has no right to retreat back. This is a character trait - constancy.

The main idea of ​​building a society according to Confucianism is to achieve harmony in it. This can be achieved by adhering to the 5 philosophical types of relationships between people that Confucius singled out:

  1. Respectful relationship between parents and children.
  2. A benevolent and kind attitude between children, which is expressed in the fact that the younger help the elders, and the elders instruct the younger ones.
  3. Honoring the wife of her husband, respectful attitude of the husband to his wife.
  4. Kindness in the relationship between people.
  5. The ruler must respect his subordinates, and subordinates must honor the ruler.

Also, to build a Confucian society, it is necessary to adhere to social equality. The above rules and regulations contribute to social interaction in society. The main message is that everyone should do his own thing.

We hope that from this article you learned about the basic ideas of Confucianism.

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