Claudius Galen short biography

A report on Claudius Galen, a Roman philosopher, physician and surgeon of Greek origin is presented in this article.

Claudius Galen short biography

The great physician and surgeon (the years of life of Claudius Galen 129 or 131 - about 200 or 217 years) was the son of a wealthy architect, who gave his son a good education, the opportunity to travel a lot. After the death of his father, he studied in Corinth, Smyrna, Crete, Cyprus, Cilicia and Alexandria.

Having thoroughly studied the art of medicine, he returns to Pergamum and is engaged in the treatment of gladiators. He reached the peak of his popularity as a doctor in Rome, where Galen later moved. His career was very successful. But for unknown reasons, the doctor abruptly sells his property and again returns to Pergamum.

Two years later, Galena was called to his military camp by Emperor Aurelius. The physician, together with his troops, returns to Rome and continues to engage in medical practice and science. He studied physiology and anatomy in detail, conducting experiments and experiments. Claudius Galen conducted his experiments on animals. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, he was able to describe the structure of the human body, gave names to joints, bones and muscles. The scientist wrote a classic work entitled "On the parts of the human body" , in which he outlined the world's first anatomical and physiological description of the human body. He was introduced to the nervous system and the functional features of internal organs. The doctor also noticed the similar qualities of a monkey and a person.

At an advanced age, Claudius Galen decided to return home, where he died. In the field of medical science, he enjoyed great authority. And even his erroneous theories were not refuted either by contemporaries or by descendants until the Renaissance.

During his life he wrote many works on philosophy and medicine. Galen is the creator of circulatory theory, the founder of pharmacology. He owns a description of three hundred human muscles and determined the value of nerves in the human body.

Claudius Galen interesting facts

  • He owns a description of 300 human muscles.
  • He was the first to prove that the spinal cord and brain are responsible for movement, sensory and mental activity. It was previously believed that the role is played by the heart.
  • The doctor was the first to cut the spinal cord across.
  • He proved that blood moves through the arteries, and not pneuma, as previously assumed.
  • His hand belongs to more than 400 works in medicine, pharmacology and philosophy. But only 100 works reached us. The importance of Galen's treatises is enormous - he classified the collected information on pharmacy, medicine, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, accumulated by ancient scientists.
  • In his works, he mentioned more than 304 plants, 60 minerals and 80 animals.

Claudius Galen: you can expand the report with data on his merits in science , about what he discovered and how his discoveries influenced the development of medicine.

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