Caucasus Mountains interesting facts

Interesting facts about the Caucasus Mountains for children and adults contain a lot of cognitive information.

10 facts about the Caucasus Mountains

How old is the Caucasus Mountains? The age of the Caucasus Mountains is about 25 million years. This is a young mountain system. They formed relatively recently, in the Tertiary period. Caucasus Mountains belong to alpine folding, but with insignificant volcanic activity

In the Caucasus, there are a lot of species of invertebrate animals, for example, about 1000 species of spiders still live there. .

In the Caucasus, 6349 species of flowering plants , including 1600 native species.

In the Caucasus there are many endemic representatives - a little less than 1600 species of flora, 32 species of mammals and 3 species of birds.

Permafrost begins at an altitude of 3000–3500 m.

The area of ​​the Caucasus is 145 thousand square kilometers.

In the Caucasus live more than 50 nationalities speaking more than 20 different languages.

The highest point of the Caucasus is Elbrus , the height is 5642 meters.

The Snow Cave in the Western Caucasus is the third deepest cave in the world, with a depth of 1,753 meters below sea level. This is the most difficult cave of the former USSR and the most difficult ciphonless cave in the world. The total length of galleries and passages is more than 25 kilometers.

The lands of the North Caucasus are rich in natural gas and oil.

The Caucasus Mountains are a real natural boundary between temperate and subtropical climatic zones.

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