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Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” you can recall the summary of Charles Perrault's tale in 5 minutes. “Beauty and the Beast” summary Charles Perrault What does the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” teach - appearance is not the most important thing in a person, most important is his rich spiritual world.

Ray Bradbury "Cosmonaut" summary

Ray Bradbury "Cosmonaut" you can recall the summary of the story in 6 minutes. Ray Bradbury “Cosmonaut” read the summary The story is written on behalf of the son of the astronaut, 13-year-old boy Doug, who is waiting for his father for three months from space with his mother.

Ray Bradbury's Vacation Summary

Ray Bradbury's "Vacation" You can recall the summary of the story in 3 minutes. Bradbury “Vacations” summary One evening, a man in a conversation with his wife said, it would be great if all the people disappeared, and would only remain

Stone Flower Summary

The “Stone Flower" brief summary of Bazhov's tale will remind you of what this tale is and what it teaches. Bazhov "Stone Flower" summary of Danil - was an orphan. First, he was sent to serve in the manor house, to carry out various assignments. But the boy was brooding

"Chestnut" a summary for the reader's diary

"Chestnut" is a story by Chekhov about a small smart dog written in 1887. “Kashtanka” is a summary for the reader’s diary. A small red dog, a dachshund with a cur, lived at the joiner Luke and his son Fedyusha. Going once with the owner to

Korolenko “Purchased Boy” summary

Korolenko “Purchased Boy” you can read the summary in 5 minutes. Read the story "Bought a Boy" is better in full. Ulyanitsky and the “purchased boys” a summary of the story Korolenko will not convey all the details and feelings of the heroes. “Purchased Boy” Summary In

King Lear English summary

"King Lear" is a summary of Shakespeare's English plays in this article. King Lear English summary King Lear of Britain, elderly and wanting to retire from the duties of the monarchy, decides to divide

The Collector Fowles Summary

The Collector Fowles Summary The Collector is a novel written by John Fowles in 1963. The novel tells the story of a lonely young man, Frederick Clegg, who serves as a clerk in the municipality. In his free time, the young man is fond of collecting butterflies. In the first part of the novel, the story goes on behalf of Clegg. is he

"When the Angels Rest" Summary

Marina Aromstam “When Angels Rest” You can read the summary of the children's instructive book in 15 minutes. “When the Angels are Resting” summary 1 part “When the Angels are Resting” summary This book is about the little girl Alina, whose father left for

Da Vinci Code Summary

The Da Vinci Code Summary The Da Vinci Code is a novel written by an American writer and journalist Dan Brown The protagonist, Dr. Robert Langdon, professor of religious symbolism at Harvard University, must unravel the murder case of Jacques Sauniere, Curator of the Louvre. Saunière’s body was found inside the Louvre naked and located so