Ivan Shishkin short biography

Ivan Shishkin a brief biography of the famous Russian artist is set out in this article.

Ivan Shishkin biography briefly

Famous paintings by Shishkin: “Autumn”, “Rye”, “Morning in a pine forest”, “Before a thunderstorm” and others.

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was born on January 13 (25), 1832 in Elabuga, a small town, in the family of a poor merchant.

From childhood he was fond of drawing. Parents tried to attract him to trade, but to no avail.

Ivan Shishkin interesting facts

In 1852 he went to Moscow for admission to the School of Painting and Sculpture and for the first time passed a serious school of drawing and painting. Shishkin read a lot and thought about art and came to the conclusion that the artist needs to study nature and follow it.

In Moscow, he studied under the guidance of Professor A. A. Mokritsky. In the years 1856-60. continues his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts with a landscape painter S. M. Vorobyov. Its development is rapidly. He worked with other young landscape painters on the island of Valaam. For his success, Shishkin receives all possible awards.

In 1860 he was awarded the Great Gold Medal for the landscape “View on Valaam Island”. Receiving the Big Gold Medal at the end of the Academy in 1860 gave Shishkin the right to a business trip abroad, but first he went to Kazan and further to Kama. I wanted to visit my native land. Only in the spring of 1862 did he go abroad.

For 3 years he lived in Germany and Switzerland. Engaged in the studio of the painter and engraver K. Roller. Before his trip, he was known as a brilliant draftsman. In 1865, for the painting "View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf" received the title of academician. Since 1873 he became a professor of art.

I. I. Shishkin was the first Russian landscape painter of the second half of the 19th century who attached great importance to the sketch from nature. The theme of the solemn and clear beauty of his native land was the main one for him.

Shishkin was engaged not only in drawing, but in 1894 he began to teach at the Higher Art School at the Academy of Arts, he knew how to value talents.

Among young artists Shishkin enjoyed well-deserved respect. The best achievements of the artist were manifested in the painting “Ship Grove”.

I.I. Shishkin worked a lot in engraving. In 1894 - 95 years he directed the landscape workshop of the Higher Art School at the Academy of Arts.

The artist I.I. Shishkin died on March 8 in 1898 .

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