Ivan Goncharov short biography

Ivan Goncharov short biography

Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov - Russian writer

Born on June 6 (18), 1812 in Simbirsk in a merchant family.

The writer's father died when he was only 7 years old, and his godfather, N. N. Tregubov, was directly involved in the upbringing of the boy. Goncharov received his initial education at home, under the supervision of Tregubov, then in a private boarding school. At ten, he was sent to Moscow to study at a commercial school.

At this time, he read a lot and developed spiritually. Having never finished college, in 1831 he entered the philological faculty of Moscow University. In 1834, he returned to Simbirsk, where he was offered a job in the governor's office. A year later, he got a job as a translator in the Ministry of Finance in St. Petersburg.

During this period, the first works of Goncharov are published. However, popularity comes to the writer after the publication of the novel Ordinary History (1847). In 1849, the story "Oblomov's Dream" appears, which later became part of the book "Oblomov". Despite the heated debate surrounding the book, public opinion agrees that the author is talented. In 1852, the writer went on a trip around the world. Having bypassed Europe, Asia and Africa, he returned to Petersburg. The next masterpiece of Goncharov was the novel "Cliff", published in 1869.

Since 1855, the writer held the position of censor, but was forced to abandon it, due to the strengthening of the censorship regime in the country and the persecution of writers. After some time, he was again offered to engage in censorship. Goncharova’s career continued at the Council for Printing, then at the General Directorate of Press. The writer resigned only in 1867, after which he completely devoted himself to literary work. During this period he wrote a number of new compositions, many of which he personally burned at the time of the spiritual crisis.

I.A. Goncharov died on September 15 (27), 1891 in St. Petersburg.

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