Interesting facts about Garshin

Vsevolod Garshin interesting facts from the life of a Russian writer, poet, art critic are outlined in this article.

Garshin interesting facts

At 7 years old he read “Notre Dame de Paris”, at 8 - “What to do?”, And at 9 he was read by “Sovremennik”

His friends called him "modern Hamlet" or "Hamlet of the heart." According to the testimonies of contemporaries, the writer was brought closer to this writer by a painfully aggravated rejection of any injustice, imperfection in human relationships that caused him constant, almost physical torments of compassion and conscience

In 1877, when the Russo-Turkish war began, he left the institute and went as a volunteer to the army . Military impressions were reworked in the story “Four Days”, written in the same year when Garshin was in the hospital after being wounded. The story published in the October issue of the Patriotic Notes brought fame to the author.

He was friends with Ilya Repnin . Garshin even posed for Repin's famous painting - "Ivan the Terrible kills his son." By the way, the writer was very fond of painting and supported the Wanderers in every possible way, publishing publications about their work

The work of Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin became the basis for the first scenario of a children's Soviet film. The year after the October Revolution, filmed a movie on his book "The Signal"

In 1883, the writer married N. Zolotilova, who worked as a doctor. He considers this period in life to be the happiest. Also, he writes the best of his story - “Red Flower”

The writer entered the domestic school curriculum . Garshin's fairy-tale works “The Tale of the Toad and the Rose” and “The Frog-Traveler” are studied in the 4th grade of secondary schools

Garshin was a mentally unhealthy person . This was manifested in rare but rather deep bouts of depression, one of which, unfortunately, ended in his tragic suicide. The writer rushed into the span of the stairs of the house where he lived

Vsevolod Garshin was highly appreciated by Anton Chekhov . When the writer died tragically, it was Anton Pavlovich Chekhov who was one of the first to respond to the offer of Garshin's friends to publish a collection in honor of Vsevolod. There Chekhov admits his sincere sympathy for the writer, very sorry for such an early departure. He spoke very respectfully of Garshin and Turgenev

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