Characteristics of King Dadon

Description of King Dadon from Pushkin's fairy tale "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" contains a description of King Dadon and his character traits.

Characteristics of King Dadon

The protagonist of the fairy tale “The Golden Cockerel” is King Dadon.

Character traits of King Dadon:

  • cocky
  • terrible
  • greedy
  • evil
  • stupid
  • cruel
  • wayward

The king was cocky. At the very beginning of the tale, he was called formidable, since he fought a lot from his youth and was not afraid to go to war against any of the neighbors.

And neighbors every now and then
Boldly offended

But soon the neighbors began to disturb the old king. They realized that the king was not able to fight. Dadon himself is to blame for the fact that he has many enemies, but he does not want to be responsible for his actions.

Dadon's helplessness was manifested in the following:

Indus cried King Dadon
Indus forgot sleep.

Here he is asking for help
Turned to the sage.

In addition, King Dadon was greedy :

Should he contain
Numerous troops.

If he had not been greedy and kept a large army, then the neighbors were afraid to attack the kingdom of Dadon.

Dadon turns to the sage for help, as he is hoping for some kind of magical solution to the problem. In this situation, the stupidity of the king?

Your first will
I will do as mine

At that moment, the king did not think that he would have to answer for his words. He did not think about the future reckoning. But when the time came to return the sage's debt, Dadon showed his cruelty and tyranny:

The king spat: “So dashing: no!
You won’t get anything ...

Get out, bye for now!
Take the old man away! ”

The king grabbed him with his rod
On the forehead; he fell face down
Yes, and the spirit is out.

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