Characteristics of the heroes “The Frog Princess”

A brief description of the heroes of the tale "The Frog Princess" is set out in this article.

The fairy tale “The Princess - the Frog” is popular and carries a certain meaning - it teaches good, faith in the victory of good over evil. Like all fairy tales, there is a happy ending and the main characters.

Characteristics of the protagonists princess frog

In this tale there are two main characters - Ivan Tsarevich and Vasilisa the Wise, around whom her whole plot spun. Therefore, we have compiled for you a brief description of the heroes of the fairy tale princess frog.

Description of Ivan Tsarevich

He is the youngest son of the King and, moreover, single. From the tale it is clear that he has respectful and trusting relationships with his parents, because at the insistence of his father he fired an arrow in order to find his wife. And even when Ivan Tsarevich got into a frog, he still married her on the advice of his parents.

Among the negative traits of his character stand impatience, receptivity and very often he does not have his own opinion. You just remember when Ivan Tsarevich burned the frog skin of Vasilisa the Wise before the right time due to the fact that the older brothers laughed at him. But at the same time, the main character has an iron will, he is purposeful and will not be shy of difficulties (the prince gnawed 3 iron loaves and worn 3 pairs of iron boots), kind and merciful not only towards people, but also towards animals. From this it should be concluded that Ivan Tsarevich is a positive character. He did nothing wrong to anyone.

Reading a fairy tale, one can observe his transformation: at first the hero was homely and moody, but having left his parents' care, he went a long way through difficult trials and revealed himself as a brave, courageous person.

Characteristics of Vasilisa the Wise

Vasilisa the Wise is the main female character. It is inherent in majestic pride and simplicity, soft character and flexible mind, as well as a full heart of inexhaustible love. The girl has the best features of the national Russian character. No wonder she was called the Wisdom. She perfectly mastered the magical wisdom and in this matter she surpassed even her father, a powerful sorcerer. Vasilisa also proved to be a needlewoman, mistress and sorceress. The main feature of her character is the ability to make the right decisions and remain calm in any trials.

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