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The Brave Tailor Summary

“The Brave Tailor” you can recall the summary of the Grimm Brothers tale in 5 minutes. “The Brave Tailor” summary After work, the poor tailor prepares to eat bread with plum jam, but flies settle on him and he kills seven of

The Ridges of Madness

"The ridges of madness" Lovecraft a summary of the book you can read in 12 minutes. The Ridges of Madness Howard Lovecraft at a Glance I decided to tell and warn the whole world about the mysterious and unknown that Antarctica holds in itself, in the hope of

Tricky Science Summary

“Tricky science” briefly tells what the fairy tale teaches and what is told in it. Tricky Science at a Glance What does the Tricky Science tale teach? A fairy tale teaches to be clever and quick-witted. When the peasant son ran away from the sorcerer in the form of a horse,

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia Summary of The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of seven fantasy books (fairy tales) written by Clive Staples Lewis. They tell about the adventures of children in a magical land called Narnia, where animals can talk, magic does not surprise anyone,

The Grimm Brothers The Brave Tailor Summary

The Grimm Brothers “The Brave Tailor” summary After work, the poor tailor prepares to dine with a slice of bread with plum jam, but flies flock to his food; swinging, he slams seven of them with one blow. Considering this a feat, a tailor carves herself

"Walking Castle" retelling

Diane Wynn Jones "The Walking Castle" retelling A young girl named Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three sisters living in Market Chipping. The city is located in the kingdom of Indonesia, in which magic is a commonplace. Sophie skillfully handles the needle and

Walking Castle Summary

“Howl Castle” chapter summary you can read in 25 minutes. Diana Wynn Jones Walking Castle Synopsis Walking Castle is a 1986 Diana Wynn Jones fantasy novel. Chapter One, in which Sophie talks with hats in Market Chipping