Heroes of "Tales of Rejuvenating Apples"

The heroes of the tale of young apples + and living water are endowed with different personality traits.

"The Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" the main characters

  • a king who wanted to rejuvenate and restore his vision;
  • three sons of the king: Fedor, Vasily, Ivan;
  • Sineglazka, bogatyr maid and niece of Baba Yaga
  • three women yagi - sisters, one older than the other;
  • the beautiful girl who imprisoned the brothers underground;
  • The nagai bird who saved Ivan Tsarevich.

The tale tells that the old king sent his sons in search of wonderful rejuvenating apples. The youngest son of Ivan as a result of this gets a whole heap of adventures, but the hero leaves them the winner and marries the beautiful warrior Sineglazka.

Character traits of the heroes of "Tales of Rejuvenating Apples"

  • The king is a blinded elderly man who desires healing.
  • Fyodor Tsarevich, Vasily Tsarevich: blue, thirsty for glory and profit traitors.
  • Ivan Tsarevich: noble, honest, kind, endowed with royal merits.
  • Nagai Bird: kind and noble, faithful. Saved the life of Ivan.
  • Baba Yaga: supportive assistant for Ivan Tsarevich.
  • Damsel Sineglazka: strong, purposeful.

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