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Ivan the Terrible short biography

Ivan the Terrible, a brief biography will tell you about the Grand Duke of Moscow, who was the first to reform centralization, put in order the military system and significantly expanded the borders of his state. Ivan the Terrible biography briefly John IV Vasilievich was born on August 25, 1530

Thomas Hobbes short biography

Thomas Hobbes a brief biography of the English philosopher outlined in this article. Thomas Hobbes short biography The future thinker was born on April 5, 1588 in the southeastern county of England, near the town of Malmesbury, in the family of a rural priest. First education he

Claudius Galen short biography

A report on Claudius Galen, a Roman philosopher, physician and surgeon of Greek origin is presented in this article. Claudius Galen short biography The great physician and surgeon (the years of life of Claudius Galen 129 or 131 years - about 200 or 217 years)

Hippocrates short biography

Hippocrates brief biography of the ancient Greek philosopher and father of medicine will help you learn about the life of this person. Hippocrates biography briefly Hippocrates was born around 460 BC. e. on the island of Kos in the eastern Aegean Sea in the family of a hereditary doctor - Asklepiad. Exactly

Karl Gauss short biography

Karl Gauss a brief biography of German mathematician, mechanic, physicist, astronomer and surveyor are outlined in this article. Karl Gauss biography briefly Karl Friedrich Gauss was born on April 30, 1777 in a poor family. His parents were uneducated, but

El Greco interesting facts

El Greco interesting facts from the life of a Mediterranean artist are outlined in this article. El Greco interesting facts • Domenico himself recorded in 1582 that Crete was his birthplace, and in 1606 announced

Theophanes the Greek short biography

Theophanes the Greek a brief biography of the great Russian and Byzantine icon painter, miniaturist and master of frescoes of monumental murals is outlined in this article. A Brief Report of Theophanes The Greek Theophanes was born in Byzantium in 1340. He studied for a long time

Paul Gauguin short biography

Paul Gauguin brief biography of the French artist, graphic artist and engraver outlined in this article. Paul Gauguin short biography A talented artist was born on June 7, 1848 in the family of a political journalist in Paris. Paul's family moved to live in 1849

Galileo Galilei short biography

Galileo Galilei A brief biography of the Italian physicist, mechanic, astronomer, philosopher is outlined in this article. Galileo Galilei biography briefly Born on February 15 in 1564 in the Italian city of Pisa in the family of a noble but impoverished nobleman. From the age of 11 he was brought up in

Heinrich Hertz short biography

Heinrich Hertz a brief biography of the German physicist, the founder of electrodynamics is outlined in this article. Heinrich Hertz short biography Heinrich was born on February 22, 1857 in a Jewish family of a lawyer, who later became a senator. The guy studied perfectly, loved all subjects and