Theophanes the Greek short biography

Theophanes the Greek a brief biography of the great Russian and Byzantine icon painter, miniature painter and master of frescoes of monumental murals is outlined in this article.

A Brief Report on Theophanes the Greek

Theophanes was born in Byzantium in 1340. For a long time he was engaged in the development of skill, honing his style filled with expression. He gained the glory of the great icon painter in his homeland, painting the beautiful temples of Constantinople, Galate, Chalcedon. To our days, unfortunately, these murals have not been preserved. He became known to the whole world thanks to those murals that he made in Russia.

Theophanes the Greek interesting facts

Feofan Grek in 1370 arrives in Novgorod at the invitation to work. His first fundamental work was the painting of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. This is the only monumental and surviving work of Theophanes the Greek.

Also preserved are such Novgorodian frescoes by the author as a fresco with a breastwork depicting the Almighty Savior, with figures of Abel, Noah, Adam, Seth and Melchizedek, images of the prophets Elijah and John.

After 12 years spent in Novgorod, the icon painter moved to Moscow. Theophanes the Greek began to lead the activities of masters specializing in painting rooms and churches of the Moscow Kremlin. They were not preserved in their original form, only individual fragments and parts on the walls of Kremlin cathedrals.

In addition, the Byzantine artist painted a unique iconostasis in the Annunciation Cathedral. It was truly unique - it was the first iconostasis in Russia with a full-length depiction of saints.

Thanks to the masterful art of the icon painter, symbolism in Christianity developed in Russia. Feofan the Greek died somewhere after 1405.

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