Eugene Ionesco Chronological Table

Eugene Ionesco's chronological table of life and work of the French playwright of Romanian origin, one of the founders of the theater of the absurd, is presented in this article.

Eugene Ionesco Chronological Table

1909, December 26 - Eugene Ionesco was born in the town of Slatina in the family of a lawyer, not far from Bucharest

1913 - When he was still very young, his family moved to Paris

1925 - Eugene family returns to Romania

1929 - 1933 - Eugene studied at the University of Bucharest, studying French language and literature, dreaming of becoming a teacher

1929 - Ionesco made his debut as a poet - his work was published in the collection Notes of the Parrot. Also this year, he began teaching French

1934 - wrote a pamphlet “No!”, In which he harshly criticized many Romanian writers

1936 - Ionesco married

1938 - since this year, the poet has been living permanently in Paris, having received a scholarship at the university. He defended his doctoral dissertation in philosophy at the Sorbonne on the theme "On the motives of fear and death in French poetry after Baudelaire"

1950 - his first play “The Bald Singer” was published. The premiere took place on May 11 at the "Theater of the Midnight" in Paris. From that moment I became interested in learning English

1951 - wrote the play "Lesson"

1952 - composed the plays “Chairs” and “Victims of Duty”

1953 - wrote the play "The New Tenant"

1957 - composed the play "The Future in Eggs"

1960 - the play "Rhinos"

1970 - the poet became a member of the French Academy of Sciences. Received Jerusalem Literary Prize

1974 - Eugene Ionesco writes his most famous novel, The Hermit

1994 March 28 - Eugene Ionesco dies of a serious illness

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