Andy Warhol biography briefly

Andy Warhol biography of a briefly famous artist outlined in this article.

Andy Warhol biography short

Andy Warhol was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh into a family of immigrants. At the beginning of the twentieth century, his parents moved to America. Father began to work at a coal mine. When the boy was in grade 3, he was struck by the Sydenham chorea. As a result, he was bedridden. From early childhood, he showed talent for drawing and, experiencing an illness, Andy painted portraits and landscapes, composed collages from newspaper clippings.

Andy Warhol Interesting Facts

After graduating from high school, Warhol enters the Carnegie Mellon Institute of Technology. The artist studied graphics and the basics of commercial illustration, becoming the most talented student in the group.

After graduating with a degree in graphic design, Andy moves to New York. Here he got a job as a window dresser. Drawing holiday cards, posters and decorating stands, Warhol collaborates with such well-known publications as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

For the first time, success came to him in 1950 after a successful advertising of shoes of the brand “I. Miller. " After 2 years, he organized a full-scale exhibition of his works, which brought him great success.

In 1956, Warhol was admitted to the Club of Art Editors. He also began to create paintings by screen printing. For this period he became the most successful author. He was constantly offered profitable contracts, and fees were growing every day.

The artist at one time was fond of photography. And in 1960 he created a unique design for Coca-Cola cans, now known all over the world. In the period 1960-1962, he writes works in the style of "pop art". Therefore, he is considered the founder of this area. In 1963, he created his factory "Factory".

From the mid-60s he began to get involved in alternative art - he creates works from old cans, cardboard and packs of powder. He also starts making films that emphasize the temporality of the time and did not have a clear plot.

On June 3, 1968, Warhol's former model and feminist Valerie Solanas came to Andy's Factory and fired a pistol at his abdomen. Having survived the operation and clinical death, he still remained alive. His works now carried the aura and seal of death.

In 1987, Andy Warhol died of cardiac arrest in his sleep at the age of 58.

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