El Greco interesting facts

El Greco interesting facts from the life of a Mediterranean artist are outlined in this article.

El Greco interesting facts

• Domenico himself recorded in 1582 that Crete was his birthplace, and in 1606 announced that he was 60 years old.

• The personal library of the painter, which was described after his death, consisted of 131 books on literature (a huge amount at that time), history, painting, philosophy and architecture in Latin, Greek, Spanish and Italian.

• While living in Spain, he took the pseudonym Domenico Greco or El Greco, as the real name of the painter is too complicated to pronounce to the locals.

• Despite the fact that he took a pseudonym, the artist signed his paintings only with his real name and Greek letters. Sometimes at the end I added the inscription “Kge”, meaning Cretan.

• El Greco's teacher was Titian.

• The most popular work of El Greco is “Removing the Garments from Christ,” which he wrote for the Toledo Cathedral. The painting became so popular that the artist barely managed to write copies of it for collectors and connoisseurs of painting.

• El Greco met Jerome de las Cuevas, a woman who became his life partner and mother of the son of Jorge Manuel, who was born in 1578. It is noteworthy that they never entered into an official marriage.

Since 1585 he began to live, as they say, in a big way - he rents palaces from the marquises, requires high payment for his paintings and portraits, and behaves very defiantly. But after 60 years, he began to live poorly, did not pay rent for housing for more than 2 years.

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