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Eduard Nikolaevich Assumption Biography

Eduard Uspensky - writer, screenwriter, author of children's books. His popular characters are Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, cat Matroskin, Uncle Fedor, postman Pechkin, dog Sharik.

Born December 22, 1937 in the city of Yegoryevsk, Moscow Region. He began to write the first poems and stories in high school.

In 1961, Eduard Uspensky graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) with a degree in instrument engineering. During training, begins to write the first works, published since 1960.

After graduation, he worked as an engineer for three years. But he continued to write cartoon scripts.

He began his career as a comedian. By his own admission, he got into children's literature by accident. His children's poems began to be published as humorous in Literary Newspaper.

Eduard Uspensky became popular after the release of his children's books. In 1960-1970, "The Crocodile Gena and His Friends" (1966), "Down the Magic River" (1972); plays “Cheburashka and his friends” (1970), “Legacy of Bahram” (1973), “Vacation of the crocodile Gena” (1974), written together with Roman Kachanov.

Many of these books made cartoons.

In 1980-1990, the writer published a series of children's books “Vacations in Prostokvashino”, “Uncle Fedor, a dog and a cat”, “A gingerbread man is following the trail”, “Colorful Family”, “Red Hand, Black Sheet, Green Fingers” (terrible stories for fearless children) and others. In 1994, "Lectures by Professor Chaynikov (an entertaining textbook on radio engineering)" were published.

The writer was also a member of the jury in such projects as the “Higher League of KVN”, the prize “Cherished Dream”.

Ouspensky came up with and broadcast on radio and television: "Baby Monitor", "ABVGDeyka", "Ships entered our harbor."

The author’s works were published in 25 foreign languages ​​and are popular in the Netherlands, France, Japan, Finland, and the USA.

In 2010, he was awarded the Korney Chukovsky Prize.

The writer was married three times. From his first marriage, he has a daughter, Tatyana, from the second - twin daughters Irina and Svetlana.

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