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Petr Ershov biography for children

Ershov's biography for children will tell about the life and work of the Russian poet. Petr Ershov short biography for children Born in the village of Bezrukov, Tobolsk province, where his father worked as a military commissar. The family often changed their place of residence - their father was transferred

Sergey Yesenin biography briefly

Sergey Yesenin biography of a briefly Russian poet outlined in this article. Sergei Yesenin short biography Born in 1895, September 21, in the Ryazan province in a peasant family. From 1904 to 1912 he studied at the Konstantinovsky Zemstvo School and in

Elizabeth 2 short biography

Elizabeth 2 is a brief biography of the Queen of Great Britain since 1952. He is the longest-running monarch in the history of Great Britain. Elizabeth 2 A brief biography of Elizabeth II comes from the Windsor Dynasty. Born April 21, 1926 in London in the family of the prince

Yuri Ermolaev short biography

Ermolaev Yuri Ivanovich biography brief actor and writer outlined in this article. Short biography of Yuri Ermolaev Yuri Ivanovich Ermolaev was born in Moscow in 1921 in a family of ordinary workers. Back in school, his favorite subject was literature,

Boris Ekimov short biography

Boris Ekimov biography brief Russian prose writer and publicist outlined in this article. Boris Ekimov short biography Boris Petrovich Ekimov was born in a family of civil servants in the Krasnoyarsk region on November 19, 1938. He worked as a lathe, fitter, adjuster, electrician on

Euripides Short Biography

Euripides brief biography of the ancient Greek philosopher-tragedian and playwright is outlined in this article. Euripides a brief biography The birthplace of Euripides was Salamin. Here he was born around 480 BC. Historians believe that his parents were rich,

Sergey Yesenin biography in English

Yesenin's biography in English is presented in this article. Sergey Yesenin biography in English Sergei Aleksandrovich Esenin (his name also appears as Sergey Yesenin) was born into a Russian peasant family in 1895. Between 1909 and 1912