John Simons Bart Short Biography

John Simons Bart Short Biography

John Simmons Barth (John Simmons Barth) - American writer, postmodernist, one of the founders of the "school of black humor"

Born May 27, 1930 in Cambridge. After graduation, he studied at the prestigious Juilliard College of Music, then moved to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where the future writer studied English.

After graduation, John Bart was engaged in teaching at the universities of Pennsylvania (1953-1965), Buffalo (1965-1973), Boston (1972-1973), Baltimore (John Hopkins, 1973-1995).

Having received a university diploma in 1951 and remaining in the alta mater as a master, Bart presented a year later his first, still unpublished novel, Heaton Nessa, and received the desired master's degree. After which, without finishing work on the doctorate, he was forced, in connection with the next addition of the family, to get a teaching job at the English department of the University of Pennsylvania. In 1955, Bart wrote the first “pair” of novels: “Floating Opera” and “End of the Way”

The fame was brought to the writer by the book "The Dope Trader", after which in 1960 public opinion included the author among the largest American writers of the twentieth century. In 1965, when Goat Giles was published, John Bart was named the number one American writer. For his next book, the trilogy "Chimera" (1972), the writer was awarded the prestigious National Book Prize at that time in America. His subsequent books, Letters, Tidal Tales, the collections The Friday Book and Lost in the Laughter Room, became classics of post-modern literature.

The writer’s most famous novel is The Goatman Giles, or the Revised New Class Schedule (1966). Fantastic motifs are found in Bart's short stories from the collection Lost in a Fun House; prose for printing, recording on tape, speaking aloud ”[Lost in the Funhouse: Fiction for Print, Tape, Live Voice] (1968) and Chimera (1972).

Bibliography John Simons Bart

The Floating Opera (1956)
The End of the Road (1958)
The Sot-Weed Factor (1960)
Giles Goat-Boy (1966)
Chimera / Chimera (1972, Russian translation 2000)
Letters / Letters (1979)
Academ / Sabbatical: A Romance (1982)
Tidal Legends / Tidewater Tales (1987)
The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor (1991)
Once Upon a Time (1994)
/ Coming Soon! (2001)
/ Where Three Roads Meet (three short stories) (2005)
Every Third Thought (2011)

The stories
Lost in the room of laughter / Lost in the Funhouse (1968)
/ On with the Story (1996)
/ The Book of Ten Nights and a Night (2004)

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