Joe Dassin biography briefly

Joe Dassin A brief biography of the musician is outlined in this article.

Joe Dassin Short Biography

Joseph (Joe) Ira Dassin was born in New York on November 5, 1938 in a creative, multi-ethnic family. Often parents took the boy to Broadway productions and concerts. Mom instilled in him a love of music. But Joe dreamed of becoming a great actor, watching with great curiosity the process on the set, the place where his father worked.

In high school, the guy also wanted to study the oceans. Therefore, after school, he enters to study at an ethnographer at the University of Michigan. Joe Dassin first began to play the guitar and sing in his student years, speaking for classmates and friends. In addition, a new hobby brought him income - the guy moonlighted in a Detroit cabaret. After graduating from university, Joe decides to move to France, the historical homeland of his parents.

At first he worked at a radio station and even starred in a movie. But the role did not bring him fame and recognition. After that, Dassin thought about a career on the stage. Once he met a girl Marisa, who recorded his music on her tape recorder. She took this cassette to CBS and Joe made an invitation - a live broadcast. By the way, Marissa became his wife. They combined themselves by marriage on January 18, 1966 in Paris, having lived together for 11 years. The son of Joseph was born in the marriage, who died on the fifth day. In 1977, Marissa and Dassin divorced.

After the performance, the artist recorded a solo album Les Dalton, released in 1965 in the country style. But this style was no longer popular, so Dassin goes to the French chanson. As a result of this, for 15 years he was the most striking and sought-after artist in all of Europe. The artist released 19 albums, and his songs “L'Amérique”, “L'ete Indien”, “Et si tu n'existais pas”, “Si Tu T'appelles Melancolie” became hits. He closely communicated with Charles Aznavour, Toto Cutugno, Marcela Bella. The only place where his music was not popular is his homeland, America. In 1978, the artist marries Christine Delvaux for the second time, whom she met while still in her first marriage, for as long as 5 years. She bore him two sons, Jonathan and Julien. But Dassin also divorced her, since Christine used drugs.

In 1980, the musician began to have heart problems. Once at a concert, the singer became ill. And he decided to suspend his career and relax in Tahiti. After another heart attack, Joe Dassin died on August 20, 1980.

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