James joule short biography

James Joule's brief biography of an English physicist is outlined in this article.

Joel James Prescott Short Biography

James Prescott Joule was born December 24, 1818 in the family of a wealthy brewery owner. The good financial situation of the family allowed James to study at home until the age of 15. He received excellent knowledge in the fields of physics, mathematics and chemistry, and feeling a further attraction to the sciences, James Joule wanted to continue his education. But fate decreed otherwise - through his father’s illness, he, along with his elder brother, for some time ran a family brewery.

Joel James Prescott Interesting Facts

The circumstances did not prevent James from doing science. At home, he organizes a physical laboratory and begins to carry out his experiments. In the course of the first work on electric motors, the scientist discovered the following - the power of electric machines is directly proportional to the generation of voltage and current.

For 7 years, starting in 1847, the scientist conducted a series of experiments to study the effect of heat on an electric current passing through a conductor. The result of his work was the discovery of a proportional dependence of the amount of heat that is released in the conductor to the resistance of a given material and the square of the current flowing through it.

The discovery of Joule made him a famous scientist. He was offered a joint work by W. Thomson. They, working in a tender, became, in fact, the progenitors of all refrigeration units and refrigerators. Joule concluded that expanding the gas without performing any work significantly reduces its temperature. This effect was named after scientists - it is called the Joule-Thomson effect.

In 1850, the British Royal Society elected James Joule a full member. And in 1961, the unit of energy and work in the international SI system was named after him.

James Prescott Joule passed away on October 11, 1889.

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